There was a time when I shunned short stories, preferring the wide-ranging saga of the sort I wrote about in The Interstellar Undertakers and its two companion volumes. However, there are certain subjects which find their natural place in the short story. And since I was occasionally accused of being a (mild) example of the type when I was a Professor of astrophysics, I was drawn to the vintage problem of the crazy scientist. There follows a collection of a dozen stories with this as theme. Some of the stories are, I admit, dark in tone. As reader you can of course take them in any order you wish. But for those who desire a lighter treatment, the first and last have a measure of levity.


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Plan M for Mercury

Hello, We Wish to Inform You That…

Prosaic Endings

Who’ll Gimme Fifty?

The Unusual Evil of Jonathon Hedwin White

Merry Christmas

Gnash Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But What Your Teeth Can Do For Your Country

As Time Tends to Infinity

Seven Ways to Oblivion

A Whiff of Freedom

Monsters From the Id

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon


Click here to download the stories (PDF)