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Weaving The Universe

The great astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington believed that much of cosmology is not merely discovered through telescopes but partly invented in the human mind. This unusual opinion has recently become more popular with advances in quantum mechanics and relativity.  (more)

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The Light/Dark Universe

To the eyes of the average person and the trained scientist, the night sky is dark, even though the universe is populated by myriads of bright galaxies. Why this happens is a question commonly called Olbers' Paradox, and dates from at least 1823.  How dark is the night sky is a question which preoccupies astrophysicists at the present. (more)

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Albert Einstein, together with Theodor Kaluza and Oskar Klein, realized that extra dimensions can be used to unify the different fields of physics, as well as unifying the fields with their material sources.  (more)

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Brave New Universe

Cosmologists yearn to behold the unseen elements of our universe. And as new technologies become more powerful and precise, scientists are getting their wish - though these tools are challenging the limits of our imagination as fast as they are answering many long-standing questions. (more)

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Five-Dimensional Physics

Extra dimensions – beyond space and time – are the best methods for unifying gravity with particle physics. The basic extension is to five dimensions (5D), as in the
induced-matter and membrane theories. This descriptive text gives an up-to-date account of the classical and quantum consequences of 5D physics. (more)

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