Links of Interest

Webpage for the Space-Time-Matter research group in theoretical astrophysics/cosmology. Paul Wesson’s research papers (technical) plus some astronomy papers (popular).

Paradox is the magazine of the Historical and Speculative Fiction. It is one of the numerous “fanzines”, most which are online.

The best-known “fanzine”.

Analog Magazine of Science Fiction and Science Fact. This is a leading sci-fi magazine, and has been edited by Stanley Schmidt for many years. I published an article there in 1988 which  was very popular (Cosmology Without the Big Bang) or

St. John’s College of the University of Cambridge in England is the place where I studied for my Ph.D. However, it is also the college of the (late) Fred Hoyle, who is one of the icons of sci-fi literature. The college library has copies of his and my work. Hoyle’s best-known sci-fi books were The Black Cloud and A for Andromeda (which was made into a T.V. series by the BBC).


Wikipedia entry:

Online exhibition of Prof. Fred Hoyle’s life. Hoyle was the most influential person in astrophysics and cosmology for the half-century 1950-2000. He also published numerous science-fiction books (see above, St. John’s College). Like Isaac Asimiov and Arthur C. Clarke, Hoyle’s fiction was based on solid science fact, a property that is presently in short supply.